“The Most Beautiful Spot On The Frio River”


Q: Are we pet friendly?

A: Yes. EL Rods on the Frio gladly welcomes our four-legged guests but please be sure to fully complete our pet waiver. We ask that our guests not bring more than 2 pets per site. Also please keep in mind that all pets must must always be on a leash (8ft max) or in kennels when outside or anywhere on the campground including the river. Always clean up after your pet. For the safety of every guest and visitor all pets must always be supervised while on property. Please be courteous of neighbors.

Q: Do we have a dog park?

A: No, but it’s in the works. Coming soon!

Q: Do you allow pets in the cabins?

A: No. Pets are not allowed in the cabins for any amount of time. No animals in the cabins; no exceptions.

Q: What breeds are allowed?

A: Currently no specific breed is excluded but all pets must be included in guest's pet waiver. NO aggressive pets allowed. Aggressiveness is at managements' discretion.