“The Most Beautiful Spot On The Frio River”


Q: How do I make reservations?
A: You can make reservations on our easy to use website www.elrodsfrio.com or with our friendly staff over the phone. (830) 232-6699.

Operating Season Office hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00am-6pm
Saturday - Sunday 10pm-6pm

CLOSED SEASON: leave a message and we will return the call in 24-48hrs

​Q: Is a deposit required?
A: The full amount of the reservation is due at the time of making the reservation. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

75% of the reservation total is refundable if the reservation is cancelled 45 - 30 days PRIOR to CHECK-IN DATE.
50% will be refunded if cancellation is made 29 - 15 days PRIOR to CHECK-IN DATE.
Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to arrival to avoid FULL charge of reservation.

Q: How do I cancel a reservation?
A: In the event you need to cancel your reservation for any reason, please email contact@elrodsfrio.com with your information so we can assist you further. The email date stamps and initiates your cancellation request.

Q: Can I transfer my reservation?
A: Yes, When a guest who wants to transfer their reservation, email contact@elrodsfrio.com with the new guest’s full name and when that guest comes to check in they will give us the name of the original guest and we will complete the transfer of responsible party at check-in. EL Rods staff will not be able to negotiate, set up, or take payment for the transfers.

Q: Is there any kind of waitlist for reservations?
A: Currently, we do not have any kind of waitlists for bookings. We recommend using our website www.elrodsfrio.com to check for available reservations as it will be updated in real-time when sites become available.

Q: I will not be able to make my check-in time from 1 pm-5 pm, what should I do?
A: We currently cannot accommodate check-in arrivals outside of our designated times. Late arrivals are reserved for travel delays only. We do require the guests to call and update the office to discuss the new anticipated arrival time before 5 pm. If you cannot make check-in time, then you will need to arrive the next day after 10 am. PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with our check-in procedures will result in a $150 fine charged to your site.

Q: Do I have to wear a wristband?
A: Yes. Wristbands are required for all registered guests that are supposed to be on the property. Staff and security are expected to remove guests that do not belong at our park and wristbands are how we are able to determine who is supposed to be here and who is not. Wristbands can be worn on either wrists or ankles but must be visible.

Q: Do I have to have a car tag?
A: Yes. Similar to the wristbands; car tags indicate to staff and security which vehicles should be on the property and which ones should not. No car tag could result in the vehicle getting towed from the property; please be sure to always display yours as explained during check-in.

Q: How many occupants are allowed?
A: For RV sites: Each site is MAXED at 8 humans. 4 are included in your site rate. Each occupant thereafter is $10 per person per day; never more than 8 per site. Your occupants count for the entire duration of the reservation whether staying the entire time or not.
For Cabins: Are maxed per the sleeping arrangements.

Q: How many vehicles are allowed per site?
A: One vehicle is included in the site rate and is allowed at the site. 2nd vehicle is $5 per day and 3rd is $15 per day. 2nd & 3rd vehicle will need to be parked in our overflow parking across the street in our vacant lot; golf carts are the only exception to be parked at the site. Be sure to secure your vehicle and any belongings; we are not responsible for any theft or damages. Each site is limited to 3 vehicles max per day.

Q: What is considered an additional vehicle?
A: Any motorized vehicle or trailer registered with the DMV is considered an additional vehicle.

Q: How many visitors can we have?
A: We max every site to 8 humans; occupants or visitors to avoid overcrowding our park and effecting our registered guests' experience. Registered guests are expected to inform their visitors that they are required to register with the office to complete a liability waiver and pay all fees upfront before going to your site. Should guests' visitors fail to register and/or pay fees; EL Rods on the Frio will charge the card on file in full for the site visiting. PLEASE NOTE: Due to recent COVID-19 developments we have temporarily stopped allowing visitors to sites.

Q: Do you allow tents?
A: No tents. Each site is for 1 RV or camper unit only. The only way we can allow a tent is if an adjacent RV site or Cabin is also reserved for the same party. The tent must be setup in the adjacent site or vehicles parked in adjacent site.

Q: Do you allow day passes?
A: Yes, if available they can be purchased from the reservation page.

Q: Do you allow rental RVs at your property if I don't have one to stay in?
A: As long as the guest reserving the site is the person renting and driving the RV, but in the event that a 3rd party is delivering the RV then guests must contact us prior to booking your reservation.

Q: What’s the difference between a VISITOR and a DAY PASS?
A: Visitors, limited to 2 at a time are visiting registered guests stay on EL Rods property at $10 per person per day. Day passes are for the general public to purchase for one-day visits without having any friends or family staying in the park and is limited, maxed, or occasionally offered. Applicable waivers will be required at check-in.                                                  

Q: What utilities are at the sites?
A: Every site on the property has full hookups. Meaning water, sewer, & 30/50 amp connections available at the electric panel.

Q: Do we offer WiFi?
A: YES! We are excited to announce that WiFi has been installed and it now available to our guests. Passwords are given with check-in paperwork.

Q: What kind of toiletries are provided for Cabins and the Bathhouse?
A: Due to limited resources in this area, EL Rods does not provide any kind of toiletries or linen service. 

Q: Is this park for RV camping only?
A: No, EL Rods on the Frio offers cabins as well for guests to utilize throughout their stay with us. Cabin 1 sleeps 10 and Cabin 2 sleeps 8 max. 

Q: Are there pads at the sites?
A: There are compacted black rock pads at the sites for the RV.

Q: What time is check-in/out?
A: Check out is at 12pm & our check-in window is from 1 pm-5 pm.

Q: Can I park at my site?
A: 1 vehicle per site can be in the park and parked at the site.
2nd and 3rd vehicles always need to be parked in the overflow parking lot.
When reserving your site; verify the pad length to fit your RV comfortably so as not to overcrowd or encroach into other sites.
Never park your vehicle in any neighboring empty sites for any amount of time.

Q: Can we have a campfire? Do the sites have fire rings?
A: Provided there are not any current burn bans in place or high winds that evening we do allow fires in the fire rings. We have a few to lend out but are available as first come first serve. Fire rings need to be kept in previous spots and not moved to new areas.

Q: What if my RV doesn't fit in the reserved site?
A: It is the responsibility of guests to verify prior to booking that their RV will fit in the site reserved. Pad length is posted on-line on the site info and/or can be verified with a call to the office. (830) 232-6699​​